A Look Inside the Philly Cheesesteak

When one hears “Philly,” the mind usually goes one of two ways depending on who you are talking to. The history fans will bring up our nation’s state, the Liberty Bell and everything Philadelphia, while your more outdoorsy or rural friends might drum up an image of a young female horse! Some ears, however, perk at the word “philly” as a nod to one of the best sandwiches ever invented (in our humble opinion). Learning the history of this mighty sandwich will make it taste all the better next time you go to search “philly cheesesteak near me.”

What Exactly is a ‘Cheesesteak’?

American Deli Philly cheesesteak Near Me

This term has been used for so long, most people don’t know the origin of the name, just how good it tastes. Though, the term is pretty self-explanatory. A philly cheesesteak consists of delicate, thinly sliced seasoned beef, with gooey melted cheese on a toasted roll. Anyone can make their philly cheesesteak special to their palate, but the common compilation includes fried onions, peppers, mushrooms and sometimes ketchup for those who fancy it.

Not to be confused with a “hoagie,” the cheesesteak hoagie alternative takes the hot beef, cheese and veggies of the cheesesteak, and combines them with cold fresh sub ingredients, like lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise.

The Philly Cheesesteak: A History

Back in the 1930s, Pat Olivieria, a vendor in Philadelphia got bored of selling the same old hot dogs so decided one day to switch up his menu and instead place grilled beef between a sliced loaf of Italian bread and the rest was history.

Soon, word spread like wildfire of new delicious creation and to this day people from all over the world visit Pat’s King of Steaks restaurant on Passyunk Avenue to try it for themselves. 

Supposedly, cheese wasn’t actually added to the recipe until the 1940s, when the then manager of Olivieri’s new restaurant, Pat’s King of Steaks threw it into the mix.

Rival Geno’s Steaks opened on the same street in 1966, and some believe this was actually when cheese was introduced to the recipe by owner Joey Vento. Whatever your preferred origin story, the truth remains: The Philly Cheesesteak is something special.

Humble Beginnings, Like Searching for the “Best Philly Cheesesteak Near Me”

It’s comforting to know that such a famous sandwich had such humble beginnings in the great state of Philadelphia. We all have to start from somewhere! Searching for the “best philly cheesesteak near me” takes on a whole new light once you learn of its humble beginnings.

At American Deli, our philly cheesesteaks are always served hot, well seasoned and packed full of flavor from the freshly grilled veggies and gooey melty cheese. 

If you’re like us, this blog probably made you hungry, so find us on DoorDash or call in an order to your local American Deli store, and show some appreciation for such a historically delicious sandwich!