American Deli Hacks – How Do You ‘American Deli’?

We’ve all seen them before, “life hacks.” Some of us even have them bookmarked to be revisited later, like a book of cheat codes. Our feeds are swarmed with neat little ways to “hack” our lives by making something easier. Wanting perfectly cut cinnamon rolls? Find some floss! Craving a strong iced coffee? Freeze additional coffee as ice cubes so it won’t get watered down! Looking for the ‘best wings near me’? We’re never too far.

We noticed our guests were playing around with their American Deli orders and customizing them to fit their exact cravings! We’ve seen hundreds of different food combinations and drink mixtures over the years, and we wanted to share a few of our favorites*.

Peach Sprite

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There’s no doubt that Sprite makes a nice pairing to almost any meal. The tangy citrus zest lights up your taste buds and offers a refreshing sip to cleanse the palate between bites. Then there’s Peach to consider, of course. Sweet, full flavor that makes your mouth water! Apart, these two drinks are already top notch, but put them together and you have a taste combination unlike any other.

The sweetness of the peach compliments the bubbly bite of a crisp Sprite to form an #AmericanDeliHack so delicious, we had to pay respect and highlight it first in our top three favorite hacks. 

Cheesesteak Fries

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Cheesesteak fries are a very special American Deli hack. While its origins are unknown, what is known is the beautiful combination of crispy French fries topped with well-seasoned steak and tucked under a blanket of melty cheese.

Similar to the “chili cheese fries” we all know and love, this #AmericanDeliHack offers all the same feelings of comfort food without the worry of having to control your chili to avoid a spill!

Honey Hot Wings with Lemon Pepper Sprinkle

While this one sounds like the start to a nice Hot Toddy, our next #AmericanDeliHack is the winning combo of our honey hot wings with a lovely sprinkle of lemon pepper seasoning. As you’d guess, the honey naturally pairs well with the lemon, and the added kick of the hot wing sauce sends it all over the edge into a symphony of fabulous flavor.

Think Outside the Box, Beyond Searching “Best Wings Near Me”.

How Do You ‘American Deli’?

We love when our guests try new and inventive things with our food. These American Deli “hacks” show us that our guests love our stuff so much they want a bit of everything in every bite! It’s wonderful to see our food used as a source of expression by our guests, and we believe that sense of comfort can be attributed to the quality of our American Deli family. 

We also believe in innovation and inspiring individuality through creativity whenever possible. If you have any #AmericanDeliHacks you would like to share, find us on Instagram @americandeli and send us a message. You might even have your hack featured on our feed!

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*Not all American Deli locations may be able to accommodate special orders.