How is “Made-to-Order” Different from Fast Food?

It’s a natural reaction: you hear “fast food” and immediately your head is filled with images of pre-pared food sitting under a heat lamp, or cookie-cutter food made without thought. On the other hand, our ears tend to perk up when we hear the term “made-to-order.” The term alludes to a fully customizable eatery, wherever meal is made for your order, uniquely tailored to suit your taste. While putting in your search for the best “philly cheesesteak near me,” don’t be so hasty to just pop over to the closest fast food joint. If you want a truly fresh philly made with care and intention, you must go for a made-to-order restaurant.

Is It Really Worth It to Find a “Made-to-Order” Philly Cheesesteak Near Me?

Philly cheesesteak near me

Also called “build to order,” made to order meals are produced and prepared specifically when a guest requests the item – not beforehand. The main difference between fast food and made to order dining is with the former, the food is cooked, assembled and placed under a heat lamp to await the customer that wants that item. This is typical for restaurants that have a handful of popular items to save time by not having to rebuild the same item 200 times a day.

With a made-to-order dining experience like what we offer at American Deli, your meal will be fully customizable to fulfil any special requests. Our food is always fresh – even our famous wings are not frozen and are replenished every day.

Why Put So Much Effort Behind a Philly Cheesesteak?

Philly cheesesteak near me

Because it can be so much more than just a Philly Cheesesteak! When you’re not careful when selecting the restaurant for your cheesesteak and end up choosing a run-of-the-mill fast food joint, the quality of your meal will truly suffer. Not only do most fast food restaurants freeze their meat, other perishable items like produce and even bread are often frozen.

You might not think a frozen food item really tastes that much different – who doesn’t love a frozen pizza? But when you have the option to enjoy freshly prepared meat cradled in a newly baked loaf of bread, why would you opt for anything less? Fresh, crisp peppers and veggies far outweigh the limp, soggy alternatives you might find outside of a made-to-order restaurant.

American Deli Has the Best Results for Your Search

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When trying to find the best “philly cheesesteak near me,” don’t gyp yourself out of an exceptional experience! Not all philly cheesesteaks are the same, nor are all eateries.

So, if you want true quality in every ingredient of your philly cheesesteak or any meal, absolutely seek out a made-to-order restaurant near you, like one of our American Deli locations! Our stores continue to offer no-contact delivery through DoorDash, so #supportlocal and let us bring the delicious freshness to you! Questions? Simply fill out our online form or email us at and one of our representatives will be in touch.