New Year, New You – Same Us!

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A new year – a new decade – a new search beyond “best wings near me.” Without fail, the new year brings with it new ideas of a better us just waiting for a fresh start. This year, we kicked off an entirely new decade – talk about the new possibilities! For many, the new year is an opportunity to branch out from the status quo and explore the unexplored. For others, the new year is a chance to expand their palate beyond the usual order of chicken tenders (or wings, in our case, no shame). 

Lucky for you, American Deli has a wide variety of delicious dishes – far beyond our famous lemon pepper wet wings – so you can break from the mold and still have a fantastic meal!

Why Try Something New?

If anything, just to shake up your week! We are creatures of habit by nature, shy from branching out of our comfort zone and trying something different. But what many people don’t realize is that there is often excitement and adventure found on the other side of our self-constructed barriers!

Whether you’re aware of it or not, the majority of your day is spent doing things you’ve done many times before. You search “best wings near me” because its comfortable – you know you like wings. But what if you tried something new in an effort to engage in a unique experience? What if you tried, say, a philly cheesesteak with chicken? Or what if you tried a taste of Greece with a gyro? 

The appeal of a routine is not lost on us, but routines are a slippery slope from normalcy to completely cruising through life. Stepping from the status quo is an act of individualism and, essentially, rebellion, but doing so defies our nature and makes it difficult to explore the unknown.

When we try new things, we open ourselves up to several benefits! Such as:

  • Attracting new people and experiences
  • Overcoming fear
  • Stimulating creativity
  • Understanding yourself better

Once you make the leap to open yourself up to new experiences, you’ll be surprised by all that’s waiting for you on the other side of your comfort zone.

Don’t Be a Zero, Try a Gyro!

best wings near me

Sure, wings are great, but have you ever enjoyed the savory explosion that comes from biting into a gyro? The juicy, seasoned lamb is complimented by the tangy – yet creamy – tzatziki sauce for a flavor combination fit for a Greek god (and don’t get us started on the toasty pita!).

The only thing that could make an American Deli gyro even better is one of our favorite “AD Hacks”: Sprite mixed with peach! Wash down the taste of Greece with a delicately balanced tangy – yet sweet – beverage that’ll make you feel like you’ve been transported right to the sun-soaked Grecian beaches!

On a Health Kick and Trying to Avoid Searching “Best Wings Near Me”? Two Words: Chicken. Salad.

A major theme of the “New Year, New Me” ideology is making healthy eating choices. Take the pressure off yourself with an American Deli salad with chicken! You’ll still get the craving satisfaction of light and well-seasoned chicken, with the added health benefits of opting for a salad instead of fries. While our fries are seasoned to perfection, the pressures of the “New Year, New Me” can keep us from indulging in the carbs as much as we’d like.

Our salads are tossed with a fresh blend of vegetables, like bright banana peppers, savory mushrooms, beautiful bell peppers – and of course our delicious chicken. When you choose our salads, you’ll be able to choose from crispy fried or grilled chicken, or a signature chef salad with ham and turkey – this way, you’ll have the creative freedom to craft a salad sure to make your taste buds sing!

You Don’t Have to Give Up Your “Best Wings Near Me” Search!

The best part about trying something new? The tried and trusted choices are always there to welcome you back! At American Deli, we’re proud to serve a diverse demographic, and we cater to these differing palates by offering several delectable dishes across the spectrum. If gyros and salads aren’t your thing, have no fear! We also offer spectacular, made-to-order subs, Reubens, fried shrimp, philly cheesesteaks and more to help broaden your “best wings near me” search. Try one or try them all! Whichever you choose, you’re sure to enjoy a fresh, delicious and flavorful meal with American Deli. Consider us your one-stop shop for an incredible meal!