Sports + Beer + Wings – What’s the Secret Behind This #Winning Combination?

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It’s no secret that beer and sports go hand in hand. We all know wings and beer go hand in hand, so it’s only natural that wings and sports go well together, too! The salty, savory sauce of a chicken wing is only complimented by the crisp, refreshing and hoppy taste of a nice cold one. This #winning combination is the best way to feel on top of the world, so if you want your Super Bowl LIV watch party to be a success, make searching “chicken wings near me” a part of your party planning!

We’ve all experienced it – watching a game from the TV just doesn’t feel the same as being physically in the stadium. If you’re looking to take your Super Bowl watch party (or any watch party, frankly) to the next level, consider giving your party guests a winning combination they’ll really enjoy by throwing in some wings!

The Sports

Sports, sports, sports. What is it about these team-oriented games that gets everyone’s blood pumping? Whether you’re a soccer fanatic or a major football fan, watching your team rally together towards their common goal is the perfect way to bond with friends – or to foster those friendly rivalries.

The perplexity behind these sporting events lies in what exactly causes emotions and tensions to run so high while watching a game. Sometimes, things get so intense, you might find yourself typing “chicken wings near me” just to break through the tension with some delicious snacks. The fascination with sports and how they bring people together may be as simple as the comradery, personal struggle and triumph in the face of adversity that tugs on the heartstrings. As such, they provide the perfect opportunity to channel into tradition – maybe even superstition – and establish a delightful passion that will burn for a lifetime.

The Beer

Sports, however, are not the only necessary ingredient for a great watch party. For generations, beer has been considered the tried and true beverage for sports fans. Varying flavors for every preference – from deep stouts with heavy hop flavor, to the lighter, low-cal crisp Heineken types – reach across demographics and appeal to every preference. 

Beer is such a versatile beverage, there’s even options for people who don’t like the taste of beer! More of a fruit fan? Hundreds of fruit beers at your disposal. Prefer mouth puckering sours? You got it! There’s no shortage of beer for anyone who’s willing to push their taste boundaries beyond the average soda or hard seltzer. Versatility is great, but the one thing that makes beer the perfect sports beverage is its ability to pair well with the savory crunch of a well-seasoned chicken wing.

The Best Chicken Wings Near Me

best chicken wings near me

So, you’ve got access to the big game – recording scheduled just in case you want to relive the highlights – and you’ve got the beer. “This is perfect,” you think, “what more could I possibly need?” No Super Bowl watch party is complete without a masterful collection of snacks. Of course, there’s the traditional chips and dip, pretzels, salsa, etc. but these are often played out and none can hold a candle to the flavor combo of wings and beer. If you really want to throw the watch party of the year, consider spicing things up and search for “best chicken wings near me.”

The classics are nice, but its 2020 and we’re health conscious now. Potato chips and pretzels just aren’t filling enough – and once the beer starts flowing, you’ll want something to eat that isn’t jam-packed with sodium and other fats. Chicken wings offer powerful proteins surrounded in mouth-watering flavor cooked to perfectly compliment any side and beer (or any beverage) of your choosing. 

We’re Your Answer to the Search, “Best Chicken Wings Near Me”

American Deli wings are no exception – and we have plenty of different flavor options to appeal to every palate, from the classic, fan-favorite lemon pepper wet wings to the classic hot wings. Your beer and sports preferences are wide and varied, so your wings should cater to your unique taste buds, too!

If you’re throwing a watch party for Super Bowl LIV, we cater at select locations! Visit us online to find the top answer to your search for the “best chicken wings near me,” and find your nearest catering location.