Top Tips to Throwing the Holiday Party of the Year – Chicken Wings Advised

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There’s nothing quite like throwing the party of the year, one that outshines all other parties and keeps your friends reminiscing on the night for years to come. But with the desire for fame and immortality comes great responsibility, from selecting the right music to planning the night’s activities and offering the perfect party foods. Before you panic and start searching “best chicken wings near me,” take pause and rest easy, we’ve got that part covered for you.

Throwing the perfect party is no easy task, but there are a few things you can do to make it memorable, starting with the food.

“Chicken Wings Near Me” – Be Gone!

Party food should be finger food, something that guests can pick up and wave around without the impending fear of spillage. It could safely go without saying that few dishes can compete with hot, fresh chicken wings when it comes to satisfying hungry party goers for this reason alone – not to mention the deliciousness. The ease of transportation, the “grab & go” aspect of chicken wings, is unmatched by other party appetizers like the traditional chips and salsa.

However, a common mistake some hosts make is relying too heavily on an order of wings to carry the weight of the guests’ appetite. A great party food alternative is the often-overlooked Philly Cheesesteak. What? A Philly Cheesesteak? You may be asking yourself just how many people want to dive into a full-blown, cheesy sandwich amid the party festivities, and the answer is probably not many. However, American Deli’s Philly Cheesesteaks turn into the perfect sliders when cut into quarters! Transform the delectable, albeit messy, cheesesteak into fun and yummy finger sandwiches and show your innovative hosting skills off the right way.

Throw in Some Variety

If you’re still not satisfied with the Philly Cheesesteak alternative, chicken fingers and fried shrimp are also great party foods. As with anything fried, the flavor is sealed in tight and guests get a little extra crunch to counter the dips and treats with some savory texture. These tend to do really well with the pickier crowds, so you’ll have something for everyone! 

Especially so if you add in a salad or two for your friends who are trying to be good. Some restaurants, like American Deli, offer customizable salads prepared for guests so even your keto-loving friend can enjoy some delicious eats along with everyone else. While salads may not feel like a party food at first blush, having a variety of food options available for your guests shows that you’re invested in each individual guest and making sure they have a great time and feel included.

Have Some Games Ready to Go

There’s bound to be some down time during a party, perhaps with some awkward silence and twiddling of fingers while someone thinks of another conversation starter. The last thing people want at a party is to feel more uncomfortable than is required. So, in order to combat the introversion in your guests, prepare some fun group games to keep everyone’s attention and help them feel more at ease.

Games that require group involvement are perfect, since no one will have the chance to break off into smaller groups and disengage with the party. Consider games like Pictionary, Charades, etc., to really get your guests up and moving so the good times continue to flow.

Expand Your Party Planning Beyond Searching, “Chicken Wings Near Me”

Above all else, broaden your search from “chicken wings near me” to include “chicken wings, Philly Cheesesteaks, chicken fingers, fried shrimp and salads near me,” and you’ll find there’s only one place to go that offers all of the above. American Deli makes party planning a breeze, because once you’ve got mouth-watering food, your guests will have little else to worry about, and you can get back to hosting the party of the year.

American Deli also caters at select locations! If you’re thinking about throwing a party but are stuck on what food to get, call your local American Deli today or visit us online to learn more about our catering service and how you can get the best “chicken wings near me” delivered right to your door.