Wet Versus Dry: The Great Chicken Wing Debate

lemon pepper chicken wings

Whether a hot summer day or brisk winter evening, the chicken wing cravings do not subside to the changing seasons. In fact, we’ve found that the slightest drop in temperature sends us running to search “best hot wings near me” just to warm up. Wings are the perfect comfort food for every type of weather, and for every taste bud – with a wide variety to choose from, there’s an appetizing option for all preferences. Regular or boneless, garlic parmesan or lemon pepper, the choices are endless and can send any newbie’s head spinning. One decision, though, rises above all else: wet or dry wings.

A question for the ages, one that divides colleagues, friends and families on either side: which wing is superior – those with a dry rub seasoning or those smothered in sauce? It’s fair to say everyone has different preferences, but this debate can be a possible trigger for those who are ready to die on their wet-wing hill.

The Concern for the Chicken Wing Crunch

A symbolic and possibly cathartic act, biting into a lemon pepper wing brings sweet relief to taste buds starved for such a delicacy. Though, just like your favorite ASMR Instagram videos, the crackling sound of biting into a crispy chicken wing can cause the consumer to descend into a crunchy trance. This effect is amplified when the chicken wing has been seasoned and completely coated with a perfectly mixed dry rub seasoning, sending a jolt of joy through your mouth. In all fairness, this is a feat not so easily obtained with the “wet” chicken wing.

Sloppy Seconds, and Thirds and Fourths…

hot chicken wings

Be careful to not confuse “wet” with soggy, the perfect wet wing or wing with sauce takes a delicate balance of skill and recipe to maintain a crispy bite while smothered in a sweet or spicy concoction. For some wing lovers, there is a ritual element to chowing down on some chicken wings – one that involves getting down and dirty with the wings and basking in the glory of the messy gooey goodness of the chicken wing sauce. If it doesn’t require a wet wipe afterwards, they’ll say you didn’t do it right. 

What Side Are You On?

When your cravings can’t be satisfied, there are few things that hit better than a nice, juicy chicken wing. It seems intuitive that the cleanliness offered by the dry wing caters to those who like a touch of control in their lives, whereas those “freer spirits” tend to appreciate the mess associated with wet wings a little more. Whatever your preference, your tastes are unique, and American Deli wings offer such a variety to hit the spot every time.

We believe every chicken wing is beautiful, both wet and dry which is why we offer a variety of each to match your custom taste buds. So, next time those cravings hit and you ask yourself, “where are the best hot wings near me,” let the answer be American Deli, because we’ve got it all.