What’s Your Chicken Wing Method?

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A long-standing question recently sparked internet debate: “On a scale of 1 to 5, what methods wing lovers choose to devour the saucy goodness, from just a nibble or two to complete decimation of the chicken wing. If you’re anything like number 5, your search for “chicken wings near me” might just be your most frequent query.

Though, this seemingly random internet debate may leave you with some questions of your own, like “what even is the ‘chicken wing method’ and more importantly, what is MY chicken wing method??” Fear not, for we’ve answered some other FAQs that may help you determine the reasoning behind your chicken wing method

What is the “Chicken Wing Method”?

The chicken wing method is one that defines chicken wing lovers in a way they had yet to be defined. There’s always been some over-the-table trash talk when someone doesn’t eat as much of their wing as expected, or some friendly competition as to who can get their wing bone the cleanest. However, what some people don’t realize is that every wing is meant to be enjoyed, one way or another, and the degree to which someone does or doesn’t clean the bone shouldn’t be a source of ridicule (though some light teasing never hurt).

It seems as though those who identify as numbers 1-3 tend to practice a little more reservation in their everyday lives, wherein numbers 4 and 5 prefer to indulge in life’s delicious offerings. Though, we think it’s safe to say number 5s are in a league of their own, full of dedication.

Why Does It Matter?

chicken wings near me

It doesn’t, really. Except it serves as a way to establish your credibility in the world of the chicken wing. As Chrissy Teigen put it, “3 is most common. I’m not mad but I definitely judge you. 4 gets you points, 5 gets you respect.” There are layers to the chicken wing method and some are more right than others, but each chicken wing is beautifully and carefully made, so everyone can enjoy on their own terms. An inclusive dining opportunity, for everyone at the table.

While no particular method is “better” than another, we can all agree some methods can be just plain wasteful. In fact, if you’re working your way to becoming more environmentally conscious, adopting a method of a 3 to 5 could help further that goal, since you’re cutting down on the food waste crisis.

Regardless of the Method, “Chicken Wings Near Me” is an Important Search for All

Whether you’re a 1 or a 5 on the chicken wing scale, there is no “wrong” way to eat a mouth-watering chicken wing from American Deli. Our wings are made for all, regardless of method used, and we are proud to offer a safe place of inclusion for wing lovers of all types.

Next time you search “chicken wings near me,” don’t settle for just any old wing, go for those that are cooked and seasoned to such perfection that it makes you want to clean the bone. Visit your local American Deli and ask yourself, “What’s MY chicken wing method?” The answer may surprise you.