Which American Deli Wing Flavor Matches Your Personality?

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We’ve all taken at least one of those pop-culture quizzes to find out what kind of Disney princess we are or what type of cheese matches our personality, silently comparing our results to our friend’s for accuracy and how compatible we’re supposed to be. These quizzes are typically pretty predictable, and the results easily manipulated, which is why if you’re looking for a true personality test, search ‘best wings near me’ to find out which American Deli wing flavor you and your friends are.

Lemon Pepper

The tangy and smoky flavor of the zesty lemon pepper chicken wing – wet or dry – is reflected in those who find excitement in the road less traveled. The lemon pepper wing types are an adventurous bunch, with a slight but tentative desire to explore the darker side of things. If you have a lemon pepper friend, you’ll certainly never be bored. 

Honey BBQ

Barbeque is a traditional flavor, and although recipe variations have been passed from generation to generation in thousands of families, the smoky and sweet symphony of a delicious BBQ chicken wing with honey. Honey BBQ wingers enjoy the simple things in life, with a desire for a structured and productive routine. Classically enjoyable, honey BBQ chicken wing types are a reliable friend to keep around.


Riding the sensational honey train is the sweet, yet sour, teriyaki chicken wing flavor. An elegant and traditional flavor, teriyaki wing types lean towards the fancier side of life, with a tangy taste and sticky gooey texture. Often likened to a soy sauce mixed with honey, your teriyaki wing friends tend to build protective walls, but sweeten up quickly to those who earn their trust.

Sweet Chili

Much like the teriyaki folks, sweet chili chicken wingers are two-for-the-price-of-one kind of friends. On one hand, they’re considered a ‘lady in the streets,’ kind to strangers and acquaintances – but only those closest to a sweet chili chicken wing type know the true side to their sass. Short tempered, a sweet chili chicken wing is quick to react, but it’s because they are passionate, and they love fiercely, showing affection through light-hearted teasing.

Hot with Lemon Pepper Sprinkle

Very much like its close cousin, lemon pepper wet wings, hot wings with a lemon pepper sprinkle offer surprises around every corner. With a hot and spicy core delicately sprinkled with the tangy, zesty lemon seasoning, your hot with lemon pepper sprinkle friends are multi-layered, often-complicated personalities. Those who care for them take the time to savor and appreciate the different aspects of the hot-with-lemon-pepper-sprinkle personality, since it’s what makes them one of the most unique American Deli wing flavors.

There’s an American Deli Wing Flavor for Every Personality – Find Yours Next Time You Search ‘Best Wings Near Me’

We believe friendships are made special by celebrating the differences each flavor of friend brings to the table. Life demands variety, and it can be so much more enjoyable when you introduce new flavors along the way, ever developing your taste buds. Our American Deli wing flavors are just as unique as you are, so there’s a flavor for every personality!

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